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About Me

I'm Thinus, a graduated Computer Engineer staying in Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa.

Things to do before I retire:

  • Own software development company. Check.
  • Partner micro-electronics r&d company. Check.
  • Partner internet and hosting company. Check.
  • Build neuclear powerstation. Pending. Obviously.
  • Own island in Pacific. Pending...

Things to do after I retire:

  • Have my 35th birthday. Not a moment sooner.

At the moment I am juggling 18 hour per day weeks, and try and recover over weekends. I have lots of hobbies and things that keep me busy while I should be busy with other things...



This is the starting block to the stuff that I get up to. Use the links to find out where I was, am and will be, what I did, do and will do, and what I want, tried out, learned, and aspire.

Outings Blog

See my Outings Blog, randomly with stories, reports, pictures and GPS track logs about the trips we go on.